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Lasting Impressions Dental Spa
Isaac K. Kashani, DDS
16101 Ventura Blvd.
Suite 350
Encino, CA 91436
Phone: (818) 751-5100

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I have not been to a dentist for years Mostly because I fear pain :( But I had to find one and go to because I'm getting married and my teeth looked horrible. I found this office on Yelp and noticed their five star reviews and how happy people are. The office looks fantastic and the staff are very knowledgeable and friendly. Dr. Kashani listened to me and explained to me what my options are to fix my crooked stained teeth. I also had a chip on my two front teeth. I decided to go ahead with porcelain veneers because they are the quickest and most natural looking way to have them straight and white. Best part,brfore they do anything, within 10 minutes they made me a trial temporary version of the end result in their in house lab and had me try it on and see if I would like to go ahead with the procedure! Its like they have a fitting room for you teeth LOL!!! So obviously I loved the way my smile looked. and so they started the veneer process.They gave me this sedation medicine and I was sleeping throughout the procedure! I love my smile. It looks and feel supernatural! It was well worth the money. I wish I knew this place years ago. Thank you so much Dr. Kashani! You changed my life! I will send you my wedding pics as promised ;)

Jasmine N


Dr. Kashani in Encino, Ca Rockssss!!!! he was so professional, did my veneers so perfectly and exactly how I wanted them! I had a pain free, relaxing experience. Its so great to know that theres someone so great out there. He called me after hours to make sure im ok. I had a full mouth reconstruction done by Dr. Kashani in his Encino, Ca office that included 28 crowns (three of them on implants and five of them on root canal teeth). His specialist for the root canals is amazing. I was awake for the root canals. The doctor did my root canals in 30 minutes each!!! I had his anesthesiology doctor put me to sleep at the next appointment for all the crowns, still all in his Encino, Ca office. I was being worked on by 3 of the best dentist in Encino, Ca. I went to sleep in Encino, Ca, and when all the anesthesia wore away, I was at home sleeping :) I didnt even remember a thing! Choose Dr. Isaac Kashani the best dentist in Encino, You wont regret it!


Dr. Kashani is probably the best dentist I have ever been to. He explained exactly what my procedure was going to be, and genuinley cared about my health. I was nervous about having a filling done for the first time, but Dr. Kashani made me feel relaxed.

Mary Martin 


Found this place on google and saw the deal they were promoting. Decided to check it out and it was good. Got a cleaning and surprisingly didn't have any cavities. Most places try to push additional services on you. So gotta give it five stars.


I suppose there are a variety of reasons we seek out reviews before we commit ourselves financially, energetically, mentally to a new business establishment as a customer, client or patient. But if you're anything like me, two of the main qualities i'm looking for in any business are integrity and value. And when it comes to finding a dentist or a car mechanic, the intensity increases for hoping to find the best of the best, as unhealthy gums and teeth and an unhealthy, unreliable vehicle put us city dwelling humans in a vulnerable state of high stress. So, although I've yet to find a four or five star mechanic, I HAVE found a five star dentist at this office~~and his name is Dr .Isaac Kashani!! I have lived in 3 major cities, and 2 small towns and have experienced many different types of dentists, but Dr. Isaac is THE BEST! Why? Well, he has a very, very calming and considerate energy to him, a friendly and personable disposition, and is never pushy with business yet will make sure you have the time and understanding to feel comfortable in making a decision for what your dental path may be for you. A good listener and a truly nice person. I always feel like I'm entering an office where the people there genuinely care and like what they do....and I always feel welcome and relaxed, even when I know I am having a deeper procedure done. And yes, this office does have TV and Pandora in each operatory for those of you who like to distract yourself from the process, but I must say, even if this office didn't have TV or Pandora I'd go here, as I don't feel I need distraction with this dentist, because I never feel like something nerve -wracking is about to happen. And isn't that great?! :)The technology might be a perk/bonus option, but its not what drew me to this office. It's the people who work there, and how my body feels with every visit. It takes a special team to create this kind of positive vibration, in a form of healthcare that too often sparks fear and worry. If you've been suffering on your search to find the dentist that is right for you, your family or a friend.....this is the office to visit....and experience for yourself how you can actually transform into the rare person who smiles on their way IN and OUT of the dental chair!:) May your teeth and gums be happy and stress free~~blessings to your search, which by now...should have ended.:)


If you are looking for a dentist who actually will take their time with you look no further. I have been used to the assembly line dentists, where you just sit in the chair with your mouth open for hours, different people who don't even introduce themselves come in and work on you, but Dr. Kashani is very different. Besides taking his time to explain everything to me beforehand so I would know what to expect, he didn't leave my side till I was all done! the best part is he is so gentle and pain-free:)


Very good dentist.

Derrick S.


Always a great experience!

I'm currently in the middle of an Invisalign treatment, which is going great. Most recently, though, I went in for a wisdom tooth extraction. It was the best experience I've had at a dentist office. Quick, painless, and recovery has been fast.

Phillip L.


DR. Isaac is like a brother from another mother

Most amazing dentist in Los Angeles ill recommend him to anyone.

Raymond G.


Love this place!

Great staff, beautiful office. Dr. Kashani is very nice and thoroughly explains any treatment being done.

Breanna E.


Phenomenal work, phenomenal experience.

3 cavities. Quick, painless, done in less than an hour.

Shawn T.


Miracle worker

I'm so happy with my white white teeth.... This is the place where miracles happen!!!

Tom M.


Love my new dental team!

I was recommended to Dr. Kashani by my sister. The service that I have received so far has met my expectations and I have already recommended Dr. Kashani to my co-workers.

Vanessa D.


This group of people treat you like you are important and special

I went there to redeem a Groupon for Zoom whitening and was in need of a deep cleaning. I was treated very kindly and they worked with me financially because I don't have Dental Insurance. The Staff was great. Very friendly and professional. Great experience and I will be back there in 4 months!

Dawn R.


A dentist I can trust!

Dr. Kashani has gone above and beyond to make sure I am aware and comfortable with my dental treatments and has always been honest about what I need and what is unnecessary. So far he has saved me from 1 root canal and saved another tooth from needing a root canal anytime soon. This is the level of care and patient-doctor communication that I look for when choosing the right dentist for me. I would highly recommend him to any friends and family!

Shaden T.


Best dentist ever

Very thorough and gentle. Great chair side manner.

Irma R.


Great job

Eric L.



Great dentist!

Erica D.


You are in good hands!

A first-class act all-around!

Loretta A.


excellent office and amazing dentist

Very friendly and totally knowledgeable staff. Dentist is friendly and explains everything thoroughly.

Samantha G.


Greatest experience ever!!!

Everyone at the office is so friendly. I believe they really care about their patients. They make it a point to know you by name. This is by far the best experience I've ever had with any dentist and I always look forward to my appointments.

Shanda L.


Had Zoom whitening today:  lowest price I've ever paid and THE whitest my teeth have EVER been!! What a great service this office provides, in just 2 visits, my teeth have never looked better!!  I highly recommend this dentist to everyone!!

Amazing Alyse A.
Glendale, CA


This is BY FAR the BEST dental (yes I said DENTAL) experience EVER!!!!! Not only are they the VERY BEST in dental care, cosmetic dentistry and on the cutting edge of dental technology,  the staff is just WOW!!!! It was like going to visit family (you know, the ones you! 

My teeth feel amazing and I'm looking forward to my next appt and cosmetic work! Big Kudos and keep up the excellent work! Dr. Kashani  rocks big time!!!!!!!!


Alexx D.
Los Angeles, CA


I have never had a good experience at a dentists office UNTIL I came to Lasting Impressions. 

Dr. Kashani and his staff are amazing. I've never been to a more friendly and professional dentist. They make you feel cared for and educate you along the way. I learned more about my teeth in 2 visits than I ever have in all my dentist visits. 

Lasting Impressions is definitely my new dentist. Thank you Dr. Kashani.

Dvrosa R.
San Fernando, CA


I recently switched dentists to Dr. Kashani after being convinced and referred by a friend. And boy can I say goodbye to my old dentist! Dr. Kashani gave me one of my most comfortable dentist experiences ever. He likes to make his patients feel comfortable and really knows what he's doing. 

On top of all that. I love how he goes out of his way to make sure he's giving you treatment in the *greenest* way possible. I'm kind of a tree hugger so that's a plus in my book. 

I urge u to go on and give this place a chance. I bet you won't be disappointed.

Arya H.
Woodland Hills, CA


I had an Invisalign treatment done at Lasting Impressions and am completely satisfied with the results!  Dr. Kashani is very friendly and very good at not only Invisalign, but he also cleaned my teeth great and filled a cavity with no discomfort at all! 

Also, I moved from LA to SF in the middle of the procedure, so I had to fly down to LA every two months to see Dr. Kashani.  For one of the trips, I called to cancel my appointment because my flight was delayed.  He actually said he could meet me at his practice at 8pm that night!  He went out of his way just for me!

I am so grateful to Dr. Kashani and his courteous staff for making my experience so pleasant and will DEFINITELY be recommending Lasting Impressions to all my friends.

Marion L.
San Francisco, CA


Dr. Khashani is a genius.  
Impeccably educated and knowledgeable.
He's the best dentist I've ever had.  
His attention to detail and devotion to quality is second to none.
His dental hygenist is delightful and just as committed to perfection.
His rates are very reasonable.
The overall experience is outstanding.
I drive from Venice to my appointments with Dr. Khashani in Encino... and it is worth the trip every time.

Daniel P.
Venice, CA


The dentist is a fellow Bruin like myself and is absolutely fantastic! The staff made me feel comfortable and even offered to let me dip my hand in some wax-like thing they have at the some spas that make your hand feel extra soft!!  He answered all the questions I had and was extremely patient with me.  I definitely recommend this office to anyone, hands down. 

Go Bruins!!! :)

Anna S.
Van Nuys, CA


I went in for a broken wisdom tooth extraction.  I am glad i went to them, i recommend these guys!  Very cool and modern facility. SUPER friendly staff and the most professional dentist!  The procedure was quick (no waiting around like other places).  I didnt feel much pain at all either!  I am so glad i went to them!

Nohe G.
Los Angeles, CA


First off,

I bought a deal for zoom whitening off a site For Lasting Impressions, and My God, I've Never been in a cleaner dental Office in my life, the waiting room is comfy and amazing, even has an acoustic guitar to keep yourself Entertained while watching the big screen. The staff (Neda,  And Leslie were absolutely amazing, It took less than 2 minutes for Them To Be Welcoming And Personal With you. it Seemed Like it wasnt strictly a job for them, seems they really enjoy what they do. They have great personalities. They then escorted me to my room where they allowed me to play with things (which i love to do) and watch cable television,  they then took simple fast x-rays and started the zoom whitening process, they allowed me to choose any radiostation on pandora to rock out to during the painless process (wasnt bad like everyone swore it would be, the doc says its his own creation haha, they then offered to fix my teeth at a better price i was quoted at in the crappy place by my house. So i took it, their facility is definitely worth the 30 minute drive.  Dr kashani IS ABSOLUTELY AMAZING!!  Well Educated!

Cant Wait To Go Back And Fix My Smile :-)

Colin J.
Burbank, CA


This place is awesome! Very clean and inviting atmosphere with a friendly and caring staff. Dr. Kashani is very friendly, caring, and detailed. I've always hated the dentist and the pain involved with getting dental work done but my visit with Dr. Kashani was completely pain-free. I love the setup of the waiting room, and the dental rooms are very intricate with up to date technology. I enjoyed watching TV while waiting and seeing my xrays on the TV was nice.

Sammy G.
Oxnard, CA


I decided many years ago that I hate hate hate going to the dentist. Dr. Kashani made me realize not all dental experiences are traumatic...I just wasn't seeing the right people. He and his awesome staff put me at ease and made me feel as comfortable as possible. His prices are incredibly reasonable and he didn't try to bully me into adding on various cosmetic procedures, which I really appreciated. There are a lot of dentists in LA, it's worth paying this one a visit.

Rachel G.
Los Angeles, CA


Best experience I've ever had in a dental office, and we are talking over 50 years of experience.  Knowledgable, thorough, and painless care, taking the time to explain what he is doing, consideration of cost, and creating a loving atmosphere in his office make a dreaded experience truly enjoyable.  I thought it would be too far to drive from Malibu, but  I see in these reviews that others are taking equally long trips and I now understand why.  Dr Kashani will be our dentist from now on.

The office staff feels like a  family, eveyone I met seems truly concerned that the patient is well cared for.  The dental hygienist is not only adorable but a delight to work with, a professional who also explains everything she is doing, and obviously a perfectionist, a quality we love in our hygienist.

Mary D.
Malibu, CA


Great service and very nice people.  Gave me a parafin wax for my hands while I got my teeth whitened.  Will definitely go back again.  Dr. Kashani was very kind and patient and took the time to explain what he was doing and what to expect.  His rates are very reasonable as well.  The staff is also very kind and courteous.

Signe K.


This place is amazing I have full confidence in Doctor Kashani.. I visited him after a friend referred me and I am very satisfied and recommend it to others.

Tommy G.
Los Angeles, CA


I've always hated the dentist until I went to Dr. Kashani. He and his staff are friendly and dedicated to making sure your experience is outstanding. Dr. Kashani takes his time to make you feel important and cared for. Lasting Impressions has a beautiful and relaxing ambiance, making sure you have the best experience possible. I highly recommend Dr. Kashani and his staff!

Natalie E.
Beverly Hills, CA


I'm the biggest baby when it comes to dentists, more specifically the needles! That is until I came to Lasting Impressions. This doctor made me feel completely comfortable and, more importantly, I felt NOT ONE needle. It feels great to not fear dentists anymore. Thanks Dr. Khashani.